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Meet Doctor

Joubin Gabbay

Dr. Joubin Gabbay, M.D. is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in the art of aesthetic plastic surgery.  Dr. Gabbay is the Medical Director of Gabbay Plastic Surgery located in Beverly Hills, California.  Dr. Gabbay’s vibrant personality and caring demeanor makes him an ideal plastic surgeon for people of all ages and walks of life. With an extensive education in medicine, art and architecture, Dr. Gabbay’s passion and dedication to artistic perfection is evident through his unparalleled surgical skill acknowledged by thousands of satisfied patients.*

Dr. Joubin Gabbay

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Surgery was done about a week ago and I LOVE my results so far.


He did such an amazing job on me. I had a lot of extra skin due to a 120+ Weight loss. My recovery has been a breeze. Exparel is a life saver! I'm down to just one drain and standing just about straight. I've had surgery before with a different surgeon and I was so surprised at how much care and attention Dr. Gabbay provides his patients.

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Most of all and most importantly was the results and even though I'm still recovering they look fabulous. I'm extremely satisfied with my new breast, I would give 10 stars or even more to Dr. Gabbay. I highly recommend everyone who seeks breast enlargements to come visit Dr Gabbay now!!

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26 Years Old and It's Time for Some Boob Confidence!


I quickly fell in love with Dr. Gabbay. I cannot begin to explain how attentive and understanding he is. We sat down and discussed the variation of sizes, he thoroughly explained saline and silicone to me to have a better understanding.

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Real Patient Stories

Kimberly's Story

I started my extensive search which took many years but I came across Dr Gabbay and to my relief he was phenomenal! Passionate about his work and compassionate towards his patients. What Really set him apart from the rest was Dr Gabbay's most genuine character while discussing my desires.

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Jaimie's Story

I was in the best shape of my life, but I still didn’t feel sexy or confident in a bikini. Something was missing. I wanted curves. I am a weight lifter, I know I can build a booty, I can have defined shoulders, but I cant create breasts in the gym. I asked a bunch of my teammates if they knew a good plastic surgeon…

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Brandy's Story

Since my procedure I have felt so much more feminine and confident. I have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle with breast implants. Thank you Dr. Gabbay for helping me complete my transformation! Dr. Gabbay, will exceed your expectations!

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Leonisha's Story

After doing my homework, I found Dr. Gabbay… I knew he was a great choice going into his office. I didn’t know how right I was until I had my consultation with him! He was so caring. He listened to everything I had to say. He understood everything that led me to my decision to enhance my breasts. Most importantly, he talked WITH me, not AT me about the procedure.

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